More Yogyakarta: Ullen Sentalu

One of the best things to see around the city was the Ullen Sentalu Museum. If there was one must see, this is it. In short, I’d describe it as the key which unlocks the meaning of Javanese culture and the continuities from Buddhism and Hinduism to Islam, from tradition to modernity. Come here before seeing any of the museums in the city.

There is already a heartfelt blog article about it here:

The building, exhibits, guide, and location all fuse together to create a continuous, meaningful, and excellent museum experience, surely one of the best in the world. In other words, this is the iPhone of museum, as far as end-to-end integrated design goes.

They do not allow pictures save for in one room and their courtyard, so here’s one room (they brought out a tea for us here). I need to find the courtyard picture…



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